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Marble Floor Design in luxury powder room

Marble floor design in powder room is important. It is some king of art to design a nice marble powder room. You can have a nice start 24” round marble medallion in center and some 4” marble border around it, which with beautiful crystal chandelier right on top of the marble star inlaid,

You can imagine how it will look!

marble floor design

custom marble floor design

You can even by lay down the cream marfill tile in different direction create a unique marble design.

Green white or yellow Onyx slab with beautiful veins and transparency is another choice for very luxury marble floor design. Onyx sink and onyx vanities top can make this design even more luxury.

Yellow onyx with gold color and dark brown noce veins is the royal design for old castle.

Please check the Marvelous Marble Design gallery for more information.

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